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screw playing, i want to argue about it on the internet

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H5 Character Ranking Topic

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1 H5 Character Ranking Topic on Sun Nov 08, 2009 10:03 pm

First topic message reminder :

Now with 20% more hilarity?

K, bored. Let's try this shall we? +/- .5 Margin of Error, also taking into consideration of efficiency and such. I have up to Jeigan done, and there is the GFAQs one that I set up over there.

To find the character, click on he/she in the OVERVIEW OF ALL CHARACTERS. So if you're looking for Zagaro, simply click on him and it'll redirect you to the post that has him. Some are shared (Wolf | Zag, Jake | Beck, Cain | Abel).

I'm cool with people arguing against or for my rankings. I try to slightly adjust with the tier list.


10 - Wolf, Zagaro (Sedgar)
9.5 - Barts (Barst), Marich (Merric), Maji (Cord)
9 - Cain (Kain), Abel, Doga (Draug), Chainey (Xane)
8.5 - Shiida (Caeda), Hardain (Hardin)
8 - Marth, Oguma (Ogma), Wendell
7.5 - Darros, Athena
7 - Saji (Bord), Kashim (Castor), Roger, Jake, Beck, Horus (Horace)
6.5 - Nabarl (Navarre), Caesar
6 - Jeigan (Jagen)Julian, Rena (Lena), Biraku (Vyland), Minerva,
5.5 - Katua (Catria), Nagi, Gato (Gotoh)
5 - Jeorge (George), Dolph (Tomth)
4.5 - Machis (Matthis), Paola (Palla)
4 - Gordon (Gordin) Riff (Wrys), Hymir (Ymir)
3.5 - Boa (Boah), Etzel, Tiki
3 - Bantu, Maria, Linda (Linde)
2.5 - Radd, Elice
2 - Roshea (Roshe), Ricardo (Rickard), Mishalen (Macellan), Thomas (Tomas), Midia, Astoria (Astram), Samson
1.5 - Alan (Arran), Lawrence (Lorenz)
1 (aka Nino) - Est
0 - Berserker!Etzel



Abel / Cain: Cavalier -> DracoKnight - Sniper - Paladin

Any of these work really. Paladin is only mentioned due to the higher Spd cap and using the ranks built up from before.

Doga: Hunter -> General or Fighter -> Berserker (Hero)

You either get a well-rounded General with some doubling capabilities or a doubling machine with innate crit.

Shiida: Mage -> Sage or Pegasus Knight -> Paladin

The latter is only for Wing Spear utility.

Jeigan: DracoKnight -> Sage / Bishop

Paladin for earlygame obviously. DracoKnight before starting C4 since flying utility and Jeigan's durability gets a small jump. Sage and Bishop are nothing more than longevity options.

Gordin: Curate

Pretty much earlygame archer, then Curate if you "want to do something".

Wrys: Curate

Earlygame healing, can extend his use since he is practically the only Class A aside from Lena and lolElice that gets a start on Staff rank (and is unpromoted).

Oguma: Mercenary -> Hero

Self-explainatory. Fighter if you're RNG lucky with Spd.

Cord / Barst: Fighter -> Hero or Hunter -> General

Fighter -> Hero gets the higher preference, but Hunter -> General also works for them. Some Mercenary work is also appreciated and easily flexible (C6X, C8, C9 for examples).

Bord: Armor Knight -> General or Hunter -> General

Whichever floats your boat really.

Darros: Armor Knight -> General or Hunter -> General

Mini-Zag / Wolf anyone?

Castor / Kashim: Hunter -> General or AK -> General

Early promo this guy if you can, but otherwise isn't 100% necessary. AK -> General if you're dead worried about Def.

Lena: Curate

Don't bother promoting her. Just keep her for Hammerne.

Navarre: Cavalier -> DracoKnight

Semi-tanky helps his case.

Marich: Curate -> Sage

Dear God can't dispute this. Cavalier -> DracoKnight for lulz 18 Def by 20/1.

Matthis: Curate -> Sniper

Meh setup, but the only other options aren't very practical.

Wendell: Sage

DracoKnight gives him doubling progress and a little durability. Swordmaster for wtfSpeed and lol5 Str.

Hardin: Cavalier -> DracoKnight - Sniper - Paladin

Pretty self-explainatory. Go B Lances!

Roshea: Curate -> Swordmaster

The guy desperately needs Speed. Need I say more?

Vyland: Cavalier -> Sniper

Just stick with this. He needs all the help he can get, but works fine otherwise.

Zagaro / Wolf: General or Hero

I put more emphasis on General despite what BBlade says about Hero!Zag working because General has a slightly more "uber" period.

Athena: Pegasus Knight -> DracoKnight or Myrmidion -> Swordmaster

Think Navarre with some more levels and slightly higher Str.

Caesar: Hunter -> General

His best route IMO. Fighter -> Hero works okay but it's a rather iffy set-up.

Radd: Cleric -> Sniper

Works alright, but he comes kind of late.

Roger: Fighter -> Hero

If you're willing to give him C10's Speedwing, he can double right away.

George: Sniper

Not bad with the A Rank in bows. Sucks he's mediocre otherwise.

Minerva: Sniper or DracoKnight

Sniper is pretty much her earlygame while DracoKnight lets her tank a little bit or abuse her A Axes.

Maria: Cleric

Pretty much a filler. Go Sage if you want, but don't expect much.

Linde: Curate -> Sage

If you really want to use her, her best option is here. Mage gives her some Aura utility.

Macellan: Hunter -> General

Yeah, except his Def scores aren't so hot.

Dolph: Hunter -> General

But this guy is. Slap an early promotion on him and watch him roll.

Midia: Sniper

Better hope she gets some level ups.

Boah: Sage


Thomas: Cleric -> Sniper

If you're really, REALLY wanting Archer -> Sniper... but this route is simply faster.

Horace: General

I'd slip into Hero for C15 if you can. Tossing him a DracoShield gives him usage past C19.

Astram: Hero

Because any other option makes him REALLY bad.

Katua (Catria) / Paola (Palla): Pegasus Knight -> Sniper - Paladin

I'd put more emphasis on Sniper with Paola, probably the same with Katua since Sniper is simply a great class with her high Spd growth.

Samson: Hero

Think Astram except with a better weapon rank and less RNG-screwable. Don't expect him to last long though.

Arran: Halb- I mean Sniper

Nephenee was here. Devdan is a loser! OR is it Danved?

Etzel: Sorcerer

Self-explainatory. Go Berserker for 100% HP growth!!!

Est: Curate -> Sniper

Patience, my child. Or go Pegasus Knight if you miraculously have all three sisters.

Lorenz: General

Because any other reclass route is suicide.

Ymir: Hero

He needs a statbooster (Speedwing or two) but he can function alright. Sucks his Axe Rank becomes a goddamn C and a half.

Elice: Curate

A Staves. W00t! Go Myrmidion for h4x capabilities!

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51 Re: H5 Character Ranking Topic on Sun Nov 08, 2009 10:16 pm

Tiki* / Chiki*


Tiki joins as a glass cannon at first. Divinestone has 30 uses, but the base bonsues are incredible. +10 Str, +7 Skl, +4 Spd, +15 Def, +11 Res with effective might vs. Mamkutes and Medeus. That's ridiculous! The bad news? Look at her bases: 18 HP | 3 Str | 3 Skl | 4 Spd | 3 Def | 10 Res. Well the Res is pretty good and her Def at least stands a chance, but her HP? Pitiful. AS? Also pitiful. Well now, things don't look good for Tiki. Though the next thing you should notice is that she's at Level 1. Her sapping a kill is practically a free level up, so expect Tiki to grow levels quickly with this method. She's not bad once she's grown either with her growths being pretty good. The problem bites back to needing CEXP pretty badly in order to function through the game. So the question is if it's worth it?

Let's keep in mind that Tiki is a Mamkute, which means every time she enters combat she loses a use of her Divinestone. Considering there's 30 uses of the stone, that means that Tiki has a "theoretical" max of 30 Player Phases, or 15 Player | Enemy Phases or any sort of combination. Consider that Mages can attack at 2-range as well, so she still loses a use of the Divinestone. Speaking of 2-range, she lacks it which is pretty bad when you're a unit that desperately needs CEXP. She does have certain chapters where she functions alright (C23 on up) if she's trained, and having brownie points for taking on Medeus helps a lot. With the combination of Nagi + trained Tiki, Medeus is easier to kill. It also allows Marth the option to have Gotoh on the final chapter if wanted, which is never a bad unit to have.


Unfortunately the costs to get Tiki to reasonable performance requires expiring a lot of kills or putting her at dangerous risks of being killed. Hammerne attendance is also necessary since 30 rounds of combat can be swallowed very quickly, especially if for some reason she's unprotected and takes a 2-range attack. Still, all is not lost for Tiki. Insane CEXP gains and growths help her case of being considered onto the team, and the possibility of having a Mage tank, a Mamkute slayer, or Medeus's downfall is never a bad thing. Just make sure that you remember the old man Bantu so that Tiki can be in your hands.

Overall Rating: 3.5/10

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52 Re: H5 Character Ranking Topic on Sun Nov 08, 2009 10:16 pm

Lorenz* / Lawrence*


Now I won't lie about Lorenz being terrible (his eyepatch must be the reason, I swear), but he does do... erm, okay? Lorenz is nothing special in comparison to the team. Having A Ranks in Bows and Lances are nice, but look at those terrible base stats: 34 HP | 11 Str | 3 Skl | 6 Spd | 2 Luck | 17 Def | 3 Res. Wait, only +6 HP and +2 Def? What the hell is this? He's even --/5 General too? Wow... just terrible. What's sad is taking a look at something random like a Hunter -> General Roger at Level 10 and seeing better stats than this. So can Lorenz actually do something is the question.

In C22, he can actually survive a round of combat believe it or not. Just don't face the Paladins w/Lances and Lorenz can do alright. Wield the best weapons you got though like Gradivus, Ridersbane, and Parthia since he does have the ranks to pull it off. Parthia gives about 64 effective Atk, so that should kill DracoKnights. Paladins can't really be one-shotted with the Ridersbane, but with something ludicrous like a +10 Mt forge it's all possible. What about Gradivus? Well, what NOT about Gradivus? 32 Atk with the sonuvabitch and using it fully recovers someone. What more could you ask for? Assuming he gets a Def level-up, he can even try his luck in C22! Geez, are you for real manz? 25 Atk w/Braves won't kill him with his elite 18 Def (7 damage per hit), so take that DracoKnights! Watch out for Armorslayer because, well you know what they say: "All Armorslayers Slay Lorenz." And look guys, he can somehow survive in C23! This is madness! Using Parthia's elite +6 Res boost, he can survive a round of combat vs. a Mage as a Horseman. Then he seals them shut with the Bow. What's even worse is hope he doesn't get +2 Str, because then he OHKOes the Mages in a single shot as a General! God only knows what happens next! Chapter 24, he can STILL function? What is this I don't even? Granted he either suicides or finishes something off, but Dragon Lance does the trick folks. Max Mt on that thing, who knows what'll survive the man with an eye-patch! GEEZ LOUISE! And from there... I'm going to stop.

So let's summarize this: Lorenz is a failure at combat. I only spiced it up with a bunch of random stuff at what he "could" do, but in all honesty there isn't much that he really "can" do. Anyone can be spectacular with those weapons except possibly Arran the Halb- I mean Paladin or Sniper. He barely survives at the grit of his teeth, but I guess he can "do something". Don't expect a whole lot of accurate hits with his lol3 Skill.


I bet you that Lorenz wore the eyepatch like Gilfried wore his Iron Armor. Lorenz was too afraid of his awesomeness in combat, so he sealed his power away in his right eye, hoping one day someone will unleash his power. Well folks, this isn't Normal Mode so obviously his power wasn't unleashed to his enemies, it backfired and the enemies became powerful. So if you somehow randomly lose to Cavalier #23497, thank Lorenz and the power of his eyepatch for buffing the enemies up. Before someone thinks I made a lot of that stuff up in the Overview, I shockingly didn't. Gradivus, Parthia, and somehow being able to survive a Brave round is his only advantages. Really Lorenz is not good, don't seriously use him.

Finally, I dedicate this rating to OliverXRenning, who somehow thinks this guy is better than Elice.

Overall Rating: 1.5/10

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53 Re: H5 Character Ranking Topic on Sun Nov 08, 2009 10:16 pm

Hymir* / Ymir*


This, folks, is one character I wish came early on. Take a look at those gigantic absolute base stats: 20 HP | 11 Str | 11 Skl | 6 Spd | 5 Luck | 4 Def. He's only Level 5 too, which is ridiculous. Reclassing Ymir to a Hero is your best bet, and with a little help from a statbooster or two you can make Ymir pretty good. Rush and give him the Speedwing so that his Spd amounts to 20, which is pretty good for a unit that joins so late. Hell, compared to Lorenz, Arran, Est, and all those other putzes Ymir looks like a God among men. He has a decent Spd growth of 40% too, so it shouldn't take long to double some of the Paladins. He'll need more time to take advantage of it, but feeding him some kills should do the trick. If you somehow save the Arms Scroll, consider putting it on Warrior!Ymir's Axe rank then reclassing to Hero. This should give Ymir his sexy Silver Axes, which boast 34 Atk alone. Add to Poleaxe utility and you're going somewhere. Ymir with some investment in stat boosters is what makes him an awesome unit, possibly one of the best late game units if you consider C24's Secret Shop and giving Ymir a little more resources. Aside from resources, Ymir is a pretty good unit. The only wish is that he joined a lot earlier in the game. If you can get your Sword rank built up, he can act as a Mamkute slayer in C24 thanks to the Wyrmslayer.


Ymir's pretty good if you toss him a Speedwing and some levels. Two Speedwings would be even better, but the second one might have to wait until C24 which is pretty late in the game. His WEXP isn't great, but at least his good stat bases accomodate for it. He's not a bad filler for a combat unit, but aside from that Ymir's late joining is his biggest penalty. Way to screw up a GOOD PREPROTE IN THIS GAME Intelligent Systems.

Overall Rating: 4/10

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54 Re: H5 Character Ranking Topic on Sun Nov 08, 2009 10:17 pm



Elice joins pretty late in the game. Though look on the bright side of things: while she isn't stellar with her bases, the class itself is pretty nifty. What's this, A Staves? Elice is a great filler for the last 2-3 chapters of the game. On top of Recover she has Warp, Barrier, Fortify, and even the Aum Staff to grant her use. Her major contribution comes from being one of the best lategame utility units you can have next to Nagi and Gotoh. The only investment is the staves themselves, and for an A Rank user it isn't hard to get them. The simplicity of her being a Cleric makes her infinitely better than combat failures, so obviously there is more weight put onto her than units such as Lorenz and Arran. Before someone bashes on the # of deplyoment slots, take a look at them:

- C24: 15
- C24X: 12
- C25: 15

There's practically more than enough room for her to be deployed in C24 and C25. C24X may be the only chapter where she struggles to get one. Aside from that, Linde is most certainly not Lorenz nor Arran's level of suck.


Elice makes a great filler thanks to Staff utility. While they were already stated Recover, Fortify, Warp, Barrier, and Aum Staff is a lot to talk about. Elice's contribution comes from neither stats nor growths, it merely comes from her utility. I'd put high emphasis on Elice, especially if you elect for Nagi instead of Gotoh.

Overall Rating: 2.5/10

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55 Re: H5 Character Ranking Topic on Sun Nov 08, 2009 10:17 pm



Nagi the Divine Mamkute is one of the two characters you can obtain for C25. If you choose Nagi, you cannot obtain Gotoh. Nagi's advantage is being a major contributor to killing Medeus (at base level she does 47/60 damage to Medeus, though she practically commits suicide). She can take Magic attacks thanks to her 25 (+5 w/Pure Water) Res, but otherwise her main crutch is her low HP despite her decent Def. Forged Braves have 30-34 Atk... with enemy AS reaching higher than 21, so she's still being ORKOed. The main advantage to Nagi over Gotoh is the final fight, which is still significant when Medeus has wtf60 HP | 25 Def | 23 Res. Nagi should consider an Angelic Robe and a Speedwing, which would help her durability a lot.


Killing Medeus is Nagi's job with Marth not far behind with Falchion. Using these two together should slay the ugly beast, but aside from that Nagi isn't totally special. Taking Magic attacks is pretty good and nuking the Mamkutes is never bad though.

Overall Rating: 5.5/10

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56 Re: H5 Character Ranking Topic on Sun Nov 08, 2009 10:17 pm

Gotoh* / Gato*


Gotoh is a Sage, and a wise one at that. He's one of the two characters you can recieve for C25. If you recieve Gotoh, you cannot get Nagi. Gotoh's main advantages are having the weapon ranks: A Staves and A Tomes. While 37 HP | 13 Def doesn't seem like much, with an Angelic Robe + DracoShield he can survive the worst of Brave shots. Excalibur use is great when DracoKnights are devestating creatures to handle: 34 Atk and 22-23 AS on top of 57 HP | 12-13 Def | 4 Res. With Gotoh's 11 Mag he can do 48/57 damage to them w/38% Crit ratios. Unfortunately his second advantage would've been Swarm, but since it is unable to be forged and packing a paltry 19 Atk before Res is calculated, Gotoh surely looks like a fool. All isn't lost though, since Swarm can still be used by other units. Having 3-10 range helps a lot though, so it's not entirely useless. I recommend not using it on Paladins though since their Res is pretty good. Mamkutes + Medeus too. The A Staves also helps a lot considering his plethora of Staff options to consider.


Gotoh does bring disadvantages to the table. First, there is a possiblity Medeus could be a lot harder. Other than real Falchion!Marth, your only other hope is for Tiki to be alive. With Tiki + Nagi + Marth, Medeus would've falled over easily. Tiki + Marth requires spoonfeeding kills for Tiki just to get her to compare to Nagi's level. Swarm is cool, but it's too weak to really be used. Nobody really has the Magic to use the tome save weird units such as Etzel w/Spirit Dusts. You also lose out on an extra chapter that could give extra levels and a near-free Excalibur tome. Despite that Gotoh is a good choice if you have a trained Tiki and real Falchion for Marth in your team.

Overall Rating: 5.5/10

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57 Re: H5 Character Ranking Topic on Mon Nov 09, 2009 12:53 am

Go ahead and dazzle at its glory folks. I might do cool things like color-code it later, but for now if you want to argue something or comment on it, now's the time. I'll probably do this for Serenes sometime soon.

EDIT: Oh, can you find the Easter Egg?

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58 Re: H5 Character Ranking Topic on Mon Nov 09, 2009 5:38 am


I moved this to General Fire Emblem so that the tier list boards can stick to tier lists only.

And I found the Easter Egg!

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59 Re: H5 Character Ranking Topic on Mon Nov 23, 2009 8:33 pm

Actually I have a suggestion, though it is entirely up to the staff. Perhaps we should sticky these kind of threads in here?

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60 Re: H5 Character Ranking Topic on Tue Nov 24, 2009 2:22 am


It's not really like there's enough activity to need a sticky to stay adrift, if you know what I mean.

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61 Re: H5 Character Ranking Topic on Mon Dec 21, 2009 11:05 pm

I might change Dolph's route option. Armor Knight seems superior despite the suck in 15. Assume that he stays as an Armor Knight:
Chapter 12x

4 Armor lvl 7 [2 steel lance, 2 javelin]
6 Cav 5 lvl 7 1 lvl 5
3 Mage lvls 3, 5, 7
2 Archer lvl 7
1 Sniper lvl 3
1 Mamkute lvl 5

Armor 7 (Steel Lance): 36 (37) HP, 23 atk, 93 hit, 4 AS, 12 (13) def, 0 (1) res 4 crit
Forged Javelin: 36 (37) HP, 21 atk, 83 hit, 4 AS, 12 (13) def, 0 (1) res 4 crit

Cav 5 (Steel Lance): 33 (34) HP, 23 atk, 93 (94) hit, 10 AS, 8 def, 0 (1) res, 4 crit

Archer 7 (Steel Bow): 28 (29) HP, 19 (20) atk, 96 (97) hit, 10 (11) AS, 7 (8) def, 1 (2) res

Mage 3 (Elfire): 22 (23) HP, 21 atk, 91 hit, 5 AS, 2 def, 4 res, 3 crit

Mage 5 (Elfire): 24 HP, 22 atk, 91 hit, 5 (6) AS, 3 def, 3 (4) res, 3 crit

Mage 7 (Elfire): 24 (25) HP, 22 atk, 92 (93) hit, 6 (7) AS, 3 (4) def, 4 res, 3 (4) crit

Mamkute 5 (Fire Stone): 37 HP, 32 (33) atk, 104 hit, 20 AS, 12 def, 7 res

Sniper 3 (Silver Bow): 39 (40) HP, 25 (26) atk, 115 hit, 16 (17) AS, 7 (8) def, 3 (4) res, 12 crit

Boss: Dejanira (Steel Lance): 33 HP, 25 atk, 97 (98) hit, 14 AS, 9 def, 6 res, 5 (6) crit
The only units that should be able to KO him is the Sniper, Mamkute, and Boss. The Mages come eerily close, but Pure Water is the saviour here. As for offense, giving him the last of Ridersbane uses is a bit favoritism, but not exactly terrible if just to help him completely finish a unit. As for the Mamkute... he could try to fight it with the DragonPike, but I doubt it'd be allowed. Aside from that, he survives.

Now 13 was obvious I hope. So 14. Let's say Dolph gets 4 Levels:

24.8 HP | 9.2 Str | 7.6 Skl | 6.2 Spd | 3.4 Luck | 14.8 Def

Now take very good note here. 25 HP | 15 Def. Let's go:
1 Shooter [lvl 3]
5 Archer [lvl 7, 2 Long Bow 1 Silver Bow]
2 Priest [1 lvl 12 Fortify 1 lvl 7 Mend]
6 Armor [1 lvl 11 Silver Lance, 5 lvl 7, 2 Silver Lance 2 Jav 1 Ridersbane]
4 Cav [lvl 7]
2 Thief [1 lvl 7 1 lvl 9]
1 Sniper [lvl 3]

Archer 7 (Silver Bow): 32 (33) HP, 23 (24) atk, 104 (105) hit, 10 (11) AS, 7 (8) def, 0 (1) res, 4 (5) crit

NOTE: Forged Longbows are identical to Silver Bow stats, just 2-3 range.

Cav 7 (Silver Lance): 35 (36) HP, 27 (28) atk, 103 (104) hit, 10 (11) AS, 9 (10) def, 0 (1) res, 4 crit

Sniper 3 (Silver Bow): 41 (42) HP, 26 atk, 115 hit, 16 AS, 8 (9) def, 4 res, 12 crit

Armor 7 (Silver Lance): 36 (37) HP, 27 (28) atk, 103 (104) hit, 4 (5) AS, 12 (13) def, 0 (1) res, 4 crit
12 mt Ridersbane: 36 (37) HP, 26 (27) atk, 103 (104) hit, 4 (5) AS, 12 (13) def, 0 (1) res, 4 crit
Forged Javelin: 36 (37) HP, 25 (26) atk, 103 (104) hit, 4 (5) AS, 12 (13) def, 0 (1) res, 4 crit

Armor 11 (Silver Lance): 40 (41) HP, 29 atk, 104 hit, 5 AS, 13 def, 1 res, 4 crit

Thief 7 (Silver Sword): 28 HP, 21 atk, 109 (110) hit, 17 (18) AS, 3 def, 4 (5) crit

Thief 9 (Silver Sword): 30 HP, 21 (22) atk, 110 (111) hit, 18 AS, 3 (4) def, 5 crit

Priest 12 (Fortify): 26 HP, 11 HP heal, 12 AS, 5 def, 11 res

Priest 7 (Mend): 24 HP, 19 HP heal, 10 AS, 4 def, 8 res

Boss: Jiol (Silver Lance): 47 (48) HP, 30 atk, 102 (103) hit, 9 AS, 16 def, 3 res, 3 (4) crit
Killer Bow: 47 (48) HP, 25 atk, 92 (93) hit, 9 AS, 16 def, 3 res, 23 (24) crit
So yeah, the thing is Ridersbanes are buyable and there IS one that we got in 13. So let's review... it takes 28 Atk + doubling to actully ORKO Dolph. So this leaves the Cavalier, which is kind of a 50/50 chance to do so, and at least he can stop it from KOing him if Dolph attacks on the Player Phase. Dunno about Pegasi reinforcemens so no comment on that.

Ditch his spot in 15. Unless you desperately want to try Hunter.

So 16. If he's Level 10, give him a seal. Now the results:

36.2 HP | 11.8 Str | 9.4 Skl | 10.8 Spd | 3.6 Luck | 19.7 Def | 3 Res

Looks much better. The promoted enemies are likely doubling him, but at least it's something like... 16 damage tops, or a 3RKO.
Chapter 16:

3 Horseman [2 lvl 6 1 lvl 8]
3 Wyvern [lvl 6]
6 Cav [2 lvl 10 3 lvl 8 1 lvl 6. 2 8 cavs have a Javelin, another has Silver Sword. Lvl 10s have Armorslayer and Ridersbane, lvl 6 has Ridersbane]
1 General [lvl 2]
1 Paladin [lvl 4]
1 Priest [lvl 8]
2 Hero [lvl 4]

Horseman 6 (Silver Bow): 36 HP, 22 atk, 108 hit, 16 AS, 6 (7) def, 3 (4) res, 6 crit

Horseman 8 (Killer Bow): 37 HP, 22 (23) atk, 118 (119) hit, 16 (17) AS, 7 def, 4 res, 27 crit

Wyvern (Silver Lance): 42 HP, 28 atk, 103 hit, 16 AS, 11 (12) def, 3 (4) res, 4 crit
12 mt Ridersbane: 42 HP, 27 atk, 103 hit, 16 AS, 11 (12) def, 3 (4) res, 4 crit
13 mt Poleax: 42 HP, 26 atk, 103 hit, 16 AS, 11 (12) def, 3 (4) res, 4 crit

Hero (Silver Sword): 40 (41) HP, 28 atk, 115 (116) hit, 17 (18) AS, 9 (10) def, 3 (4) res, 7 (8) crit
Thunder Sword: 40 (41) HP, 19 atk, 125 (126) hit, 17 (18) AS, 9 (10) def, 3 (4) res, 7 (8) crit

Cav 6 (12 mt Ridersbane): 34 HP, 26 atk, 104 hit, 11 AS, 8 def, 1 res, 4 crit

Cav 8 (Silver Sword): 35 (36) HP, 28 atk, 109 (110) hit, 11 (12) AS, 9 (10) def, 0 (1) res, 4 (5) crit
Forged Javelin: 35 (36) HP, 26 atk, 104 (105) hit, 11 (12) AS, 9 (10) def, 0 (1) res, 4 (5) crit

Cav 10 (11 mt Armorslayer): 37 HP, 27 (28) atk, 110 (111) hit, 11 (12) AS, 10 def, 0 (1) res, 5 crit
12 mt Ridersbane: 37 HP, 27 (28) atk, 105 (106) hit, 11 (12) AS, 10 def, 0 (1) res, 5 crit

Paladin (Silver Lance): 42 (43) HP, 29 atk, 107 (108) hit, 14 (15) AS, 10 def, 7 res, 6 crit

General (Silver Lance): 45 (46) HP, 29 atk, 105 (106) hit, 9 AS, 15 (16) def, 3 (4) res, 5 crit

Priest 8 (Reserve): 25 HP, 10 (11) HP heal, 10 (11) AS, 4 (5) def, 9 res

Thief 10 (Silver Sword): 30 HP, 22 atk, 110 (111) hit, 19 AS, 3 (4) def, 5 crit

Boss: Holsard (Killer Lance): 50 HP, 31 atk, 113 (114) hit, 10 AS, 17 def, 3 res, 24 crit
Killer Bow: 50 HP, 31 atk, 113 (114) hit, 10 AS, 17 def, 3 res, 24 crit
Okay I lied. 18.

So by C20... 10/6:

39.7 HP | 13.3 Str | 11.4 Skl | 12.3 Spd | 4.1 Luck | 21.95 Def
Chapter 20

Aaaand out come the brave weapons!

Also Camus

By the way, we're back to double-digit hit. So it's not out of the question to dodge one of the brave weapon attacks if you have the WTA.

3 General 1 lvl 2 2 lvl 4
4 Shooter 2 lvl 6 1 lvl 8 1 lvl 11 [lvl 6 Arrowspate/Hoistflamme, lvl 8 Arrowspate, lvl 11 Pacyderm]
7 Paladin 4 lvl 6 3 lvl 11 [lvl 11s have Brave Sword]
1 Thief lvl 13
2 Priest lvl 10 w/ Fortify

General 2 (Brave Lance): 50 HP, 25 (26) atk, 92 hit, 9 (10) AS, 15 (16) def, 3 res, 6 crit

General 4 (Brave Lance): 51 (52) HP, 26 atk, 93 hit, 9 (10) AS, 15 (16) def, 3 res, 6 crit

Paladin 6 (Brave Lance): 46 HP, 26 atk, 94 (95) hit, 16 AS, 10 (11) def, 7 res, 7 crit

Paladin 11 (Brave Sword): 50 HP, 27 (28) atk, 96 hit, 17 AS, 12 def, 8 res, 8 crit

Thief 13 (Devil Sword): 35 HP, 28 atk, 113 hit, 23 AS, 5 def, 6 crit

Priest 10 (Fortify): 28 HP, 11 HP heal, 13 AS, 5 def, 9 res

Shooter 6 (Arrowspate): 43 HP, 27 (28) atk, 93 (94) hit, 8 AS, 12 (13) def, 1 (2) crit
Hoistflamme: 43 HP, 27 (28) atk, 94 hit, 8 AS, 12 (13) def, 2 crit

Shooter 8 (Arrowspate): 44 HP, 28 (29) atk, 83 hit, 8 AS, 14 def, 1 crit

Shooter 11 (Pacyderm): 47 HP, 36 atk, 74 hit, 9 AS, 15 def, 2 crit
47 HP
36 atk
74 hit
9 AS
15 def

Boss: Camus (Gradius): 56 HP, 42 atk, 114 hit, 21 AS, 15 def, 8 res, 9 crit
40 HP | 22 Def, but unfortunately getting quaded. Granted, he can escape that rut with a level-up. Even so... 16 damage per round. Eh, could be a lot worse I guess. At least Wyverns and Pegasi in C21 are "tinks" and 22 it's damn close.

So I guess Dolph can kind of pull off Armor Knight -> General, but the Spd being lower is a major pain in the ass.


Though to be honest I'm getting a little sick of defending Dolph. Oh well, at least BB caught me in the act: I really am Dolph.

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62 Re: H5 Character Ranking Topic on Tue Dec 22, 2009 5:34 pm

I have issues with your macellan review, although I'd prefer to take them up with you on IRC than on here

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63 Re: H5 Character Ranking Topic on Tue Dec 22, 2009 7:24 pm

ardan wrote:I have issues with your macellan review, although I'd prefer to take them up with you on IRC than on here
Eh, he was pretty outdated. BUT, just to let you know my work schedule is pretty booked. Feel free to privately PM me in this forum if you want to discuss it.

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