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Sacae tier list: Saul, Ellen, Roy, Cecilia down

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Saul: "I face ~13 crit from Short Bow nomads and am 3RKO'd at 20/6, but I will almost certainly be at a lower level than that, not to mention what happens if I promote early."

Ellen: "I'm 2RKO'd by Short Bow nomads up until 20/11 and am ORKO'd by most NTs up until like 20/8."

Roy: "I have a 49% chance at 20/0 to be doubled by almost every nomad on the map. I'm also locked to 1 range."

Cecilia: "Help I'm doubled and 2RKO'd (3HKO'd) by everything and stuff has listed crit rates on me unless I grab a support with Percival."

I think guys like Treck/Noah/OJ can stand to rise a bit because they're actually durable (or moreso than those mentioned above) and have 2-range.

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I'll reiterate, I don't think doing notably worse in 4 chapters is automatically enough to warrant you lower on the list. It goes vice versa with doing better in four chapters.

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Wouldn't Lott have a good case to rise in Sacae, or is it just me?

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I've got to agree with bb here. Is it just me, or ever since the tier split is it as if people are treating Sacae/Ilia as the entire game?

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So do you think that doing worse for 4 (it's actually 6) chapters over the course of the entire game is not grounds for dropping? 6 chapters is like 20% of the entire game. And when you consider that most characters are not available for the entire game (Cecilia, for example, has about 40% of her total existence in Sacae), existing in a hostile environment is harmful to their tier position.

I realize as much as everyone else that everyone performs worse in Sacae; however, not everyone performs worse to the same extent. Bow wielders are actually affected positively. Units with 22+ AS are not affected as much. Units with high def stats are not affected as much. Units locked to swords are hurt by the prevalence of 2-range, but 2 of the 3 units who should be locked to swords at this point in the game also have 22+ AS, so it kind of balances out. Units with low def stats are hurt a lot generally due to the lack of terrain and the giant attack ranges of nomads and NTs. Same with units with 14 or less AS, although that can be circumvented by high def. Compounded with low luk and low to no CEV from supports in some cases, that could be disastrous. And fliers are almost certainly unusable unless assumed to have the Delphi Shield or assumed to be used for utility purposes only.

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Now we know why there's a tier split in the first place.

Exactly how powerfully do archers benefit is my question.

I want to say Saul should actually stay, but he is dependent on supports for that. Unfortunately, those supports happen to be Dorothy and Ellen...I guess I can't disagree with this.

As for swordies, there is the option of saving up the Light Brand for this moment, but that means we aren't using it earlier, which is a problem.

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Light Brand isn't enough to save anything from anyone. It's limited, it's low use and it does crap damage.

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Hmmm. Any of Fir/Klein/Lou get better than any of Saul/Roy/Ellen from this?

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